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Looking Forward to Next Year!

42. Summer Film School is over. Many thanks to all of you for making it so special.

AČFK Annual Ice Cream Doesn’t Melt

This year’s annual prize was designed by Jakub Berdych.

All AČFK Annual Prices Were Awarded

This year’s awards went to Ivan Passer, Emília Vášáryová, Julie Taymor and Zdeněk Fiala.

See You Next Year!


We licked all film sweets, played through all tapes, saw the last model festival day directed by Jožka Kubánik, Radana Korená gave thanks to the partners and the whole SFS organizing team and announced the next year SFS term for July 28 – August 5, 2017. „On the opening ceremony, I said that Hradiště is like Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden. But all dreams have their endings, so let’s now wait what comes for the next year,“ concluded festival programming director Iva Hejlíčková. See you next year! (ivp)


Passer’s First US Film


Born to Win, a story of a drug addict New Yorker, was the very first film Passer had made in the United States. „Passer couldn’t understand how could there possibly be any drug addicts in such an independent country. In those days, he was overloaded with completely different problems,“ said Jan Jendřejek. The film was strongly rejected by film reviewers. Although it starred the already well-known George Segal, the film is often referred to as the first appearing of Robert De Niro. „He shows up for five minutes. Yet his face, captured from totally different film, is even used for some poster versions,” added Jendřejek. (ivp)


Spirited Away Back in Cinemas Starting September


First Oscar-winning anime movie Spirited Away goes back on the screen beginning September 15. AČFK presents the film as part of the Project 100. „The uniqueness of this film is that it never underestimates little viewers. There are no goodies or baddies, all characters are depicted as complex personalities,“ introduced the film Jiří Flígl. „Unlike other popular anime movies, it lacks aggressive action or simplified emotions. The story is sensitive and melancholic and is loved by adults too.“ Following The Boy and the Beast, Spirited Away is the second anime movie in AČFK distribution. (klk)


Squeeze the Best from Saturday Programme


SFS Workshop: VHS Survived!
SFS Work & Shop Zone | 2.00 pm
There is one more workshop scheduled for today. Come and learn another creative ways of working with VHS plastic cases.

Alrúna and No.c
Hvězda Cinema | 2.30 pm
Last silent sci-fi screening with live music is taking place this afternoon. No.c is a duo of migrant musicians venturing towards harmony between noise, tones and silence. The instrumental experiment will accompany the German melodrama Alrúna from 1927 about genetic engineering.

Closing Ceremony
Hvězda Cinema | 7.00 pm
All films have an ending (even the Filipino ones) and so the festivals. The end of 42. SFS comes tonight, a closing ceremony in Hvězda cinema with Šimon Dominik’s ensemble, Radana Korená and Iva Hejlíčková’s farewells, and Julie Taymor’s Tempest.

Concert of Aneta Langerová
Kolejní nádvoří | 8.00 pm
Aneta Langerová runs her tour with an accompanying music band and a string trio. You will hear some of the old songs as well as the new ones from the latest album Na Radosti, awarded with four Angels, too.

Vertigo Goodbye Party
Theatre Tent | 10.00 pm
Drink your sorrows away and do some dancing in Vertigo Tent with DJ René until the break of the day. (ivp)


The Silence of the Lambs in Masaryk Square



"Five most prestigious Academy Awards for one film. Five Oscars for the film where people eat human flash and skin off a human body, where a helpless heroin is thrown to a group of deviant, machistic, physically and sexually aggressive men. In this respect, The Silence of the Lambs changed the course of history of the genre and cinematography and proved that even these topics may play a part in the film that’s brutal, yet sensitive, horrific, yet intelligent, carnal, yet artful, " says Jan Jílek, the SFS senior programmer. Don’t miss the chance to see it again.


Annual Prize to Zdeněk Fiala


AČFK Annual Prize was handed over to Mr. Zdeněk Fiala for his long-time work in Film Club Slavičín and regular activities with youth within the project Film and School.


Roger Corman’s Film School


Ninety-year-old film director and producer Roger Corman made dozens of films, the worse or the better ones, but never lost a penny. "He knew the market trends and he knew how to make films cheap," said Jiří Flígl on his lecture Roger Corman’s Film School, or the Pulp under Wraps. Flígl also commented on Corman’s unique ability of getting close to young audience that formed the majority of cinema visitors: "Corman drew inspiration from tabloid stories." In 2009, Corman received the Academy Award for his lifelong work. (aka)


Baghead Yourself


"My name is Pavel Sladký and I came to pull a bag over your heads". Mumblecore film Baghead had a double introduction. Sladký challenged one of the viewers to share his previous experience with Mumblecore films. "One good thing about Mumblecore films is that, watching those heroes, I have found out my life can be even more miserable that it is." (oma)


Friday Tips


There’s gonna be three highlights of AČFK Day – a football match at 4.00 pm , presented by Jan Jílek, Iva Hejlíčová and Alžběta Šáchová. An hour later – a restored version of The Outrageous Baron Munchausen from 1961with Miloš Kopecký in Hvězda cinema and at 8.30 pm, again in Hvězda cinema, another restored premiere – Ladislav Rychman’s 1964 musical The Hop Pickers. An AČFK Annual Prize will be given to Zdeněk Fiala „for his long-time work in Film Club Slavičín and regular activities with youth within the project Film and School”.

Learn More About CinEd

Reduta 2 | 1.30 pm
The international education project CinEd (European Cinema Education for Youth) presentation for teachers, film club representatives and public, attended by the Institut Français delegates as well as all participating countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Rumania, Spain). The founders of the project will present its major goals, the first year of existence, a collection of films and a conception of educational materials provided by the project. Jacques Rozier’s Back to School and Alain Gomis’ A Little Light shorts will be screened at 5.30 pm in Reduta 2. Afterwards, Nathalie Bourgeois and Isabelle Bourdon from Cinémathèque française will introduce a set of interactive methodical materials and, making a comparative analysis of the two films, they will demonstrate some of the educational methods applicable in film and audio-visual lectures. The entry is free to both events.

Vojta Dukát: A Slice of Time
Respekt Tent | 4.30 pm
Moravian photograph Vojta Dukát managed to capture a displacement of Soviet army from Milovice, former Czechoslovakia. Today, you will also have a chance to see parts of a 35-hour-long unique video from this action.


The Noonday Witch in Open-air Cinema



After many years away Eliska comes back to her home village wishing to make a new beginning. Besides the warm welcome from the locals she comes across a weirdo woman… Will she be able to save her and her daughter’s lives before being defeated by the noonday witch, or rather her-own madness? The Noonday Witch tonight in RWE Open-air Cinema.


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